Improve Your English? Try These Out!

Thousands ways of learning English can lead you mastering English. But, is it effective? Is it useful to improve your English?

When English learning books seem boring to learn, you must try these medium out to improve your English skills: Reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and writing.

1. Song

Using song to learn English? Why not! English songs could be the easiest and cheapest medium to improve English. You do not need some money to do it, you only need to plug in your headset or headphone, and listen to your favorite songs.

English songs you listen can improve, at least, your listening, grammar, speaking, and vocabulary. First, listen to the song and try to understand the words and the song, without looking at the lyrics.

Second, after listening to the song, you can look at the lyrics and find out how many words you can get and understand correctly. From the lyrics, you can also learn about the rules of English Grammar (at least, simple present and simple past tense).

Third, try to sing it loud to improve your speaking and pronunciation ability. You can repeat it with other new songs and wait until your life changes because of your English.

2. Literature Aspects

In the massive development of English as communication language, you can find many articles, poems, short stories, and novels. From these literature aspects, you can improve vocabulary, grammar and reading skills.

For sure, you can find many new vocabularies in one or two articles you read everyday. Imagine that you can get 10 new English vocabularies everyday! If you read articles for 100 days, it means you will get 1000 words.

For reading, you can train yourself to do speed reading (skimming and scanning) with articles, poems, short stories, and novels. There are no specific specification for it. Articles about Steve Jobs‘s Apple or Disney‘s new stories, are okay to read.

For grammar, articles, short stories, and novels are ready to use as your media to improve grammar skills. You can learn various tense, especially simple past tense.

3. Film/video

You are film lovers? Don’t worry! There are great benefit of watching film to improve English. At least, you can improve your vocabulary and listening skills by watching film (note: without subtitles).

The more you watch film without subtitles, the more competent you are in listening. Listening is a matter of activity and habits. Your ears will get used to listen English words if you make a habit of it.

4. Blog

Blog is wonderful medium to access many knowledge and improve your writing skills. Writing is like listening: once you get used to it, you will master it someday. So, the key is habitual activities to write as many articles as you can.

Start to write in blog page in English. No need to worry about grammar slip or theme of the writing! People will give you appreciation for the information and give correction for the mistakes. In that way, you are improving your writing skill in English.

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